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Bundle Tôt à Tard

The bundle Tôt à Tard is the best way to fully enjoy the Café Noma experience.

It includes all four flavors to meet your taste and roasting level preferences. Plus, the perfect scoop ensures the ideal serving size. Each coffee is additive-free (no sugar), so the flavor comes solely from the roasted beans.

Start your morning off strong or end your day with an espresso martini that lives up to your expectations. That's the Café Noma experience!

Worried about running out of coffee? No problem. Café Noma bottles can be stored for up to 8 months before opening.

30 servings per bottle | A cup of coffee for only $1.25 WOW!

The first Quebec concentrated coffee! The most delicious, highest quality coffee in just seconds...


Making quality accessible in a moment of bliss, as it should be.

Coffee is not only one of the most consumed beverages by adults, but it is also a symbol of gatherings around the world. Café Noma's goal is to offer you the most delicious and highest quality coffee, all in just seconds. Café Noma is sweetness and transcendence. It's your perfect moment in the morning/day where you take the time to reset your thoughts. Being coffee enthusiasts since they were old enough to consume it, Maude and Noémie combined their expertise and passion to create the Café Noma experience.

What is a liquid concentrated coffee?

It's essentially a super-strong coffee that needs to be diluted. So, it's not an instant coffee, nor a ready-to-drink coffee. However, it offers quality, lots of flavors, and all in just a few seconds. You can use it hot or cold, black or with milk, or even as a cooking ingredient.


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